Diving in, to connect creatives

Say you are a graphic designer that just moved to NYC. On your last job, you worked for an agency that specialized in healthcare, so you have a wealth of experience in that industry.

Imagine going online to research agencies in NYC, you would like to know what agency would be a good fit for you, naturally, you would like to know if any specializes in healthcare too.

Except, you really can’t fully filter and sort them with those parameters, and, be confident that what you found is true and accurate.

This is where Everharbor comes in.


The Saga of the Color Channel Customizer


11 years, this is how long I’ve been designing for textiles as a side-gig. I guess you can say that I’m pretty familiar with the different techniques that are used in this world. You can probably imagine my surprise when, during a lunch meeting with a client in Puebla, just outside of Mexico City, he mentioned that his designers use Photoshop Channels to color-customize their designs.

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