“Good luck designing all of the UI’s”

No blog should start without a proper introduction, therefore: hello, there! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit, I hope you enjoy this ride!

I’m Eloisa, a surface design aficionado, seamstress,  artist,  meal-burner, self-appointed social media firecracker, and mom of 2 teenage girls, 11 hens, 7 dogs, 2 bunnies plus a guinea pig. I’ve started this blog as part of an assignment for my UI Design class at The Iron Yard Raleigh.

The idea of dropping everything I was doing, and run with this class actually came the day I was promoted in my last job. You see, I worked at a super fun, fresh, creative startup, I was constantly surrounded by like-minded people, wonderful work atmosphere, benefits that would make anyone jealous, an obvious growth path within the company in the finance field, and still, I hated my job.

The real problem was not the job, the problem was me, I somehow saw this job opportunity or a window to work in a creative field. I thought that maybe if I stuck to it long enough, I’d be able to switch gears within the same company but doing something creative like I always wanted. But, after 3 years, and having recently been turned down for a JR designer position, it was clear to me that the answer to my problem was to get all of the skills I needed, to get the job I really wanted.

We are all born with sets of skills that make us unique and good at what we do, I have always known I’m my best doing creative work, the idea of actually making a living out of it took almost 40 years, but, here I am.

I turned in my resignation, and, the day I left my husband was laid off his job — I could not think of a worse time for me to go back to school than this, luckily, my husband is also someone with special, very different, skills, and he landed a job within just a couple of weeks. Phew!

Emergency adverted, needless to say, this took a pretty heavy weight off my shoulders, and, after a couple of months of being “off”, I am now a proud survivor of week 1 training of UI design!

The night we met to install a few programs and welcoming the team of students to The Iron Yard, they were kind enough to take us out for dinner, as we left, our waiter says “Good luck designing all of the UI’s“, so, I really hope I do have luck with me!

My head is still spinning from all of the material we learned last week, I will note those at a later post as this one is starting to get a little long, thank you for reading, and, if you are a current or future UI Design student, Good luck designing all of the UI’s to you too!

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