GitHub, let’s meet again!


My last job was as the buyer at an e-commerce company, whenever I had technical issues, I’d contact engineering, who then politely requested me to “open a GitHub ticket”. Coming from the financial field, my next question was “what the heck is a GitHub, and, why can’t you just fix it”.

I once described submitting issues via Github as the “black whole of desperation”, because quite frankly, it was ridiculously difficult to understand this site, I couldn’t even understand the “why” this site existed to begin with. To someone who is not in the technical field, this website is very difficult to maneuver through, in retrospect, I think that the engineering team secretly knew this, and had a little fun with it.

Fast forward to now that I’m taking classes in The Iron Yard, I almost fell off my chair when our instructor announced we would be using it heavily. The only thing I could think was “how do I get out of this”, the answer to that was “you don’t, Eloisa, get a grip”.

Anyway, I think that learning GitHub last week was one of the biggest hurdles, but, I survived it … I still don’t know why I was asked to use it in my last job, but I know I will learn to love it, and will use it daily moving forward. I do adore the kitty mascot, and invested in their stickers, so, I’m committed now! No turning back!

Let’s see what next week has in store for us!


Other things I learned this week were more intensive CSS commands, including media queries, and Bootstrap, I’m super excited about what we will get to do this coming week!

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