Designing all of the things…

Ah, week three, I love you!

This week we dove into design, which is my favorite subject, there is something so special about artwork, capturing ideas, creating emotions … just awesomeness.

The week started off with Illustrator, creating new logos for consideration on a real-life pet shop, I created three, but this one was my favorite:



We were also introduced to a little bit of company identity planning and creating wireframes:



The funnest part for me was following Dribble’s UI Design Challenge, you have to be “invited” to be a designer on Dribble, so, as a class we joined to submit our work, and I’ve been so excited about the welcoming comments and messages from the community at Behance, I think I will continue uploading designs there regardless because they are a really cool bunch of friendly people!

I designed a ton of fun things and uploaded them on there, I think my favorite one was the 404 page:


Lastly, we also met Jason Draper from Thoughtbot, and discussed the infamous “Imposter Syndrome”, it was so cool to be able to discuss this subject, it seems like it’s a very important thing to keep in mind as we grow into our careers, I also think that everyone, in most careers, have a level of this syndrome, but I think that unfortunately they translate into lots of negativity, poor leadership and just terrible workplace because nobody has named this issue as such in other industries. Very interesting.

I’m excited about what next week has for us, we will be starting Photoshop!



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