Final Project: Bike MD

Phew, how long has it been? So many projects, meetups, workshops, job fairs, interviews, rejections, offers, events, friendships, new connections, new technologies since then!

For my Iron Yard final project, I was paired with two really cool guys, one was a fellow UI design student, one was a python student. We created Bike MD. A motorcycle troubleshooting community.

For this project, since we only had 2.5 weeks, we decided to divide and conquer, we all had our strengths, so my UI friend took over most of the front-end coding, the python student took over the back-end, I took over the design direction and then moved to the second seat for front-end coding.

This project helped me dive into the user experience and the importance of testing. We created several user stories that helped us determine the needs of the project and we managed to tackle them beautifully in the end. Below you will see some of our user stories and the process:

Working with these two guys was amazing, we really made a great team, I managed to experience the music of Prince for the first time {don’t judge, I’m not from the US nor did I grow up in English speaking countries!} which turned into our anthem. We really pulled together day and night, pushed through and made a killer presentation and I’m super proud of it!



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